Monday, 23 June 2014

Rillettes du Porc

I don't think I've ever bought a cookbook at it's original sale price; I find it much more satisfying to buy them cheap. Some great places are car boot sales (as low as 10p), charity shops and second hand book shops. Even WH Smiths can have some good offers on. I picked up Small Adventures in Food by James Ramsden for £1.99 from a cheap shop and immediately started reading it on the train home. 

One recipe in particular caught my eye: duck rillettes. There's a French deli literally a couple of doors down the road from our flat, and my favourite things there is pork rillettes. It's like a very course pate, with strands of pork coated in glorious pig fat. 

I've made a few changes to the original recipe. First, and most obvious, is the use of pork belly instead of duck. This is because, well, I just love pork. Secondly, instead of using all goose fat, I use half goose fat and half lard namely because the former is so expensive (£4 for a 300g odd jar). Lastly, I used sherry instead of brandy - simply, it's just what I had in the kitchen.

So, here's my take on rillettes... 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Homemade Pancetta

For a while now I've been listening to a BBC Radio 4 podcast called The Kitchen Cabinet, hosted by Jay Rayner. It's a panel show with a live audience where they travel over the UK and discuss various food topics - food science to food history to current trends. 

My favourite panellist is Tim Hayward - a food writer and broadcaster. Billy recently got me Tim's latest book, Food DIY. And it is amazing. I've never done, or even wanted to do, so many recipes from one book. He covers smoking, curing, pickling, fermenting and homemade takeaways including doner kebab. 

This book particularly makes me happy because I'm so bad at DIY around the flat, and this is something I can actually do.