Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hotel Chocolat

This week saw the start of my lectures, for my final year at university. Amongst the various modules, I have one called Product Development. Each year our tutor brings in a different company to set the class a brief. This year, we're very lucky to have Hotel Chocolat.

One of Hotel Chocolat's product development team came in to talk about the company and what would be expected. She also gave us lots of chocolate to try from their Spotlight On range. Usually, I'm not a fan of chocolate that has other flavourings (with the exception of nuts). 

So, I was surprised when I had a Midnight Mint and found it wasn't too bad at all. The mint flavour was not overpowering. The Rum Truffle and Whisky Truffle, though, were another story. The flavours were so strong, but not nastily so. I think this was credit to the high quality ingredients that they use.

The only ones that I really wasn't keen on, were the Rose & Violet Crèmes. Their floral flavours just didn't sit right on my tongue and I found myself reaching for another Midnight Mint. 

Our brief is to basically develop a product to extend this range of chocolates. It's going to be tough work. Especially the tasting sessions. But, I think I can handle it.

What's your favourite chocolate brand? What flavours do you love and hate? What flavours would you like to see Hotel Chocolat do?


  1. I love Hotel Chocolat! I can't pass it without stopping in and seeing what's new. yum!

  2. I don't think I've ever been to one, but after tasting the chocolates I think I'll keep an eye out.

  3. This all looks so delish! I want to try it all now

  4. A chocolate tasting session sounds like heaven! I think the violet and rose may have set me off a bit too, but other descriptions are mouthwatering.