Monday, 23 April 2012

Dissertation: Food blogging as food writing

Hey everyone, thought I'd share my dissertation with you all, as some of you helped me with the research by letting me interview you and participated in focus group work. I was absolutely astounded to find out I got 93% for it. Obviously all the hard work paid off and now I'm only one piece of work away from finishing my degree. Exciting times!

Anyway, with it being a dissertation, it's quite lengthy. So I totally understand if you don't read it all, but I reckon it's worth it.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter Rabbit and Thyme Stew

Rabbit. Cute little fluffy pet? Or tasty bit of game? 

When I was little, I use to have a white rabbit that lived in a hutch we kept in the shed at the back of the garden. I didn't really do much to look after it, my Dad did most of the work. 

But, one Sunday afternoon, I came home from playing with friends only to be told that Snowy (as I imaginatively called him/her?), had ran away. 


Then, many years later, I was taking a walk with my parents at the local woods. Dad's suddenly reminded of something, "Remember when we released your rabbit in the woods?" What?! 

Apparently, he'd got fed up of looking after it for me (goodness knows why) and released my little Snowy into the darkness and hostility of the woods, surely to have been eaten by a fox or something. 

I managed to make him feel so guilty for the next few weeks.