Friday, 19 October 2012

Black Treacle Bread and Chocolate Brioche... So Far

The past few weeks have involved a bit of experimenting in the kitchen. All of which I hope to share with you soon. 

It's mostly revolved around two main things: 1) should I make brioche with plain flour or strong white flour? and 2) trying to smoke chillies. Never of these has been an absolute success so far, but they're not far off. (If anyone has any tips on making a smoker out of a bread tin, and tell me where I'm going wrong, that'd be a great help). 

I've also just pulled a black treacle loaf out of the oven. It's sitting patiently on the wire rack, waiting for me to inspect it's acceptability as an edible object. Given that I don't actually like black treacle, it's got a lot to prove. 

Recently, I've discovered a website, Curious Cook, written by non other than the father of molecular gastronomy and the mastermind of food science, Harold McGee. I spent a very happy 10 minutes reading, geekily, about caramelisation and how sugar doesn't actually melt. 

It's just occurred to me that Mr McGee might have something to say on the use of flour in brioches and smoking foods. I'll have to remember that for later. 

On Monday, my and Billy are going for out first little holiday of the year. All the way to far flung... Bournemouth. I got a good deal on a moneysaving app and, to be honest, it's good just to get away with him for a couple of days. So, if any of you know of any food highlights in the area, let me know. 

Got a new jumper today.

Pizza. Obviously one of the first things I cook in my new oven.

Must get dinner on soon. Ham risotto tonight.


  1. I'm always looking out for uses for black treacle as I always seem to have an almost full tin sitting in the cupboard!