Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sistema Food Container Set

I'm starting to really like Groupon. And I'm not just saying that because this post is sponsored by them. There are some great deals on there. This set of Sistema food containers came from For those of you that don't know (and I was one of them up until a few weeks ago) this is how Groupon works: find an offer that you like, buy the voucher, then use the voucher to redeem the offer from the retailer. This process was very easy with because they have a "Redeem you Groupon" link on their homepage.

I waited 10 days for the containers to be delivered, which I thought was a few days more than perhaps it should've been. But because they'd already told me the timescale I was ok with it. When the delivery driver called at my flat there was no one in, so he rang me and we arranged for it to be delivered when it suited me (which was the same day).

The set includes salad, soup, breakfast, chill it and shaker to go containers. So far, the salad and soup containers have been my favourites.

First, the soup container - which I have yet to actually use with soup. Macaroni cheese and sweet and sour pork (post coming soon) have been my foods of choice so far. The container is microwavable and has a little vent on top. I can see this being a major part of work lunches as the weather gets colder. The only thing it's missing is a little spoon, but then I guess it's meant to be for soup and you can just drink it.

Next the salad container. Again, I've not actually used this for leafy salads yet, but who needs that when you can have chicken noodles! There's a little container for a dressing, so the food doesn't get soggy, and a little knife and fork that double as salad tossers.

I've found the shaker is perfect for the early train rides to work. I've been using it for banana milkshakes (literally just banana and milk blended together), giving me a healthy start to the day. I thought the little flap on top might be prone to leakage, but so far it's been very secure and not dripped at all.

The chill-it lunchbox is superb for picnics or if you don't have a fridge at work. It'll keep your food cold for a few hours.

And, finally, the breakfast container is handy if you're a bit short of time in the morning. It has two separate compartments to keep your yoghurt and cereal apart (unfortunately milk leaks a little).

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