Sunday, 22 July 2012

Homemade Burgers

There are a million different ways to make a burger. Let's start with the patty. If you're going with the standard beef, then what cut? Skirt, silverside, rump? But, of course, there's also chicken, turkey, lamb, and or even buffalo, kangaroo and the other more exotic meats. Then, do you add spices and herbs, or just salt and pepper. Do you add tomato puree? Onions? Caramelised or raw? 

Next the bun. Regular soft white roll? Crusty white roll? Seeded? Or should you go with something a little more posh, a brioche roll? 

The toppings, then. Which cheese? Cheddar, edam, brie, or, dare I say it, processed slices? (I must confess, I love processed cheese slices on a burger). What else? Pickles? Onion (again)? Lettuce? Egg? Bacon? The sauce. Mayo and ketchup? Or just mayo? Or just ketchup? Or something else?

When I started thinking about this, it reminded me of pizzas, and the freedom to be able to adapt it however you like. Using whatever you've got.

This is what I went for... beef skirt seasoned only with salt and pepper, fried egg, pickled chillies, BBQ sauce, Jarlsberg cheese, and a homemade white bun. 

Homemade Burgers

Here's how to make a bread dough but, instead of baking loaves, portion the dough into 8 balls, place on a little oiled tray and glaze with egg. 

For the patty (makes 2 large or 4 small):
400g skirt
Salt and pepper

Trim any sinew off the meat but leave the fat (this will add flavour and help keep the patty moist). Use a food processor to roughly chop the meat or, alternatively, use a knife. Season well with salt and pepper and form into patties. 

Bear in mind that the size and shape of the patties will determine how they are cooked. If, like me, you like the outside a little overdone and the inside fairly rare, make them quite thick. Thinner patties are probably better if you like your patty well done. 

Because of this, cooking times will vary. I cooked mine for about 3-4 minutes on each side. 

Then simply assemble and add whatever toppings take your fancy. 

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