Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Little Folk, Farm Animals and Castles

Yesterday me and Billy decided to jump in the car and head up to towards Kendal for the day. Our first stop was Low Sizergh Barn - a farm with a shop, cafe, walking trail and friendly chickens. There are other animals, the cows are especially cute but were out in the fields this time. The chickens came right up to our feet and started pecking.

Each day, at around 3.30pm, you can sit in the cafe and watch the cows being milked, but we were a bit early for that, though it would've been interesting to see. 

Next, we popped around the corner (literally around the corner) to Sizergh Castle. We spent a couple of hours walking around the gardens. We had a little picnic of roast pork sandwiches, pork pies and scotch eggs, then did a bit of drawing. I use to do a lot of drawing, but not so much nowadays. Would like to start doing some painting again, sometime. But for now, it's going to be photography - albeit with my phone. 

I would've liked to take some photos of inside the castle, but unfortunately that's prohibited. There were some interesting features - lots of wood carvings, a double-handed sword, spiral staircases, that sort of thing. 

Our final destination of the day was Old Holly Farm. Billy had come here before with his nephew and was keen to show me the animals. We were greeted by this fine fellow, wallowing in the mud...

I have now decided that calves are the cutest animal ever. Final.

And this little chap was a little aggressive, throwing the ice cream tub everywhere... 

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