Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pesto Italian Restaurant


We've all finished our dissertations, what a relief. And not long to go now until we finish uni altogether. So, last night, a few of us went out for a meal and a few drinks, to celebrate. 

Italian restaurant, Pesto, is in Liverpool One, along a row of other restaurants. It serves piattini, the Italian version of tapas, and had a busy atmosphere - especially for a Wednesday night - but wasn't too loud. Well, except for us. 

The walls were decorated with paintings and photos of Italy. But there was also a Van Gogh painting (neither he nor the painting's scene was Italian, so not quite sure why that was there). 

Our group of eleven was served by Jose, a friendly and very smiley waiter. Only one of our party had been here before, so Jose explained that it was recommended we order three or four dishes each, to either have individually or to share amongst ourselves.

One of my friends ordered ali di pollo al formo, Tuscan style chicken wings which were a little spicy, pane al formaggio, which was a very garlicy ciabatta with a generous amount of cheese melted on top, and insalata Caesar, which, in my opinion, suffered from an absence of chicken (which it stated on the menu).

Another friend ordered bruschetta pomodoro, that looked very pretty with its little cherry tomatoes, slices of red onion, and fresh basil, pizzetta pepperoni, and spaghetti al ragu Bolognese.

And this is what I ordered: calamari fritti (deep fried rings of squid), arancini (deep fried balls of saffron risotto rice), and patate al origano (deep fried potato).

Hmmm, writing that I've only just realised it's all deep fried. Oops. 

The calamari was really crunch on the outside and the squid was not chewy or rubbery at all, but tender and well cooked. After being deep fried, the potatoes were sauteed in oregano and lots and lots of garlic, something that I love. I was expecting the potatoes to be a lot crunchier, but they were soft as if they'd been left on the kitchen pass a little too long. But the garlic made up for that. 

The risotto balls were the highlight, for me. For some reason (probably a combination of wine and hunger), I failed to read to the description properly. So, when I cut into the first one and was greeted by a treasure trove of melted,  gooey mozzarella I more than pleasantly surprised. I could've eaten these all night.

The only issue with the food is that the salsiccia peperonata (spicy sausage) was way too hot. Even I couldn't eat it, and I'll eat most things. So it got left, which was a shame.

Other than that, we were very happy with the food and the service and the fact that Jose left us with two big dishes of grated parmesan cheese.

14 Paradise Street, 
Liverpool One,
L1 8JF

0151 708 6353

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