Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Eve at Martin Mere

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you're not all too hungover this morning.

Yesterday, me and Billy went to Martin Mere, a Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

We got there early and spent all day walking around, talking photos, drawing sketches, and being entertained by (surprisingly) geese, cute otters, and overactive cranes.

I've tried to work out when the last time I came here was. I figured I must have been around 12, so about 16 years ago.

There was one thing I definitely remembered from when I was 12, and that was a little waterfall feature that I'd taken a photo of.

But, as I went around, a few more things jogged my memory. Including the pink flamingoes. 

This is the waterfall feature I remembered.

This is the overactive Grey Crowned Crane. He just wouldn't stay still for a photo.

Most the birds didn't actually seem that interested in being feed.

This goose was particularly friendly and was very interested in watching Billy draw him.


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