Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Christmas Post

I'll never get tired of Christmas. The gifts, the songs, the films and, of course, the food. On Friday, I went to the local butchers to place our Christmas order. Usually, on Christmas Day, we have beef and pork joints. This year, though, we're getting a turkey and a small piece of beef. (Obviously, this is going to last a few days). 

Christmas, this year, is going to be a bit different. I'm splitting it between my family and my boyfriend. So, after Christmas dinner, I'll be driving up to his house. I'm literally so excited about it. Just hope the weather isn't too bad.

Unfortunately, I didn't do any of the decorating this year. I've been too busy with university. So, Mum did most of it and left the rest for my nieces to do. The even had their own Christmas tree to decorate. 

I let Amelia, my oldest niece (9 years old), watch Disney's A Christmas Carol and it came out that she had one of the best ever ever Christmas films...

... She's letting me borrow it :)

Oh, nearly forgot. We're getting new neighbours end of next week. Never had new neighbours before.

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