Friday, 2 December 2011

Boyfriend's Birthday Weekend

This weekend, I went to visit Billy for his birthday. I get so anxious when I give him presents. Will he like them? Have I got enough? Much to my relief, he was very happy with his presents. I particularly liked the King Kong box set and The Natural History of Skull Island book. 

On the Friday, after he opened his presents, we headed into Blackpool. First stop: The Grundy Art Gallery, to show me an exhibition where one of his paintings was on display. Very proud. 

Here's more of Billy's work.

For lunch, we went to Pizza Hut. The very first place we had our first date in. We were even seated at the same table.

On Saturday, we went to a very wet Cleveleys. Amid running from shop to shop to avoid getting soaked, I managed to finish a bit more of my Christmas shopping. 

Then, in the evening, we went to Michael's Indian Restaurant for Billy's birthday meal. We were thoroughly stuffed. 

So, this was just a quick post really. I've got a couple of festive posts in the pipeline.