Thursday, 17 November 2011

Michael's Indian Restaurant

On Tuesday, I visited Billy for the day. Usually, we spend at least a few days at a time together but, with all our uni work to do, we had to make do. 

There's an Indian restaurant, close by to where Billy lives, called Michael's. I've eaten there once before and ordered several tasty takeaways, too. Their menu has a wide choice of meals which,  thankfully for me, they are all explained. I like to know what curry I'm ordering.  

The restaurant never seems to be busy and usually that's a sign that there's something wrong. I assure you, there isn't. And, as the evening went on, there were a few more customers, including a birthday group.   

We opted for the £12.50pp four course banquet. It included poppadoms and a selection of dips and chutneys, soup of the day, a starter and a main with side and naan bread. 

I'm not totally sure what all the dips and chutneys were (and I forgot to ask). I know that one was a mango chutney and another some sort of yoghurt and mint dip. It was a bit of a struggle to get the mango chutney away from Billy, but I managed to sneak a little bit. 

The soup of the day was a tarka daal, funnily enough this was the same as the last time I came. Still, it was nice.

For starters, we ordered seekh kebab and chicken tikka. The spicy meat of the kebab was well balanced with the cooling sauce it lay on (which was suspiciously similar to the yoghurt and mint dip). There was plenty of chicken tikka, which was succulent and tasty.

I was a bit dubious about the vibrant red colour of the kebab. Nevermind.

Apparently (so Billy tells me), I take ages to decide what to order. Well, it's an important decision. So it's a good job I checked out the menu online first. 

I ordered the Persian massala and Billy got the chicken makhani. Both were very pleasant, with some spice and heat but not too much. The Persian masala was pieces of lamb and chicken tikka in a sauce with garlic and coriander. The chicken makhani had pieces of chicken tikka in a buttery sauce. 

And this.... 

...Was our naan bread. We certainly couldn't complain about the size. From what I could tell, it was homemade (I'm going by the shape, size and 'chargrilled' bits). It was so nice. There were doughy bits and crunchy bits and was brushed with a garlic butter. The only issue was that it was too big for us to finish.

Staff: Friendly and attentive.
Food: Excellent.
Value: Outstanding.
Price: £37 (including 2 pints of beer and 2 pints of coke)


  1. It was good with the chicken madras. To treat myself a good day the lassi was absolutely fantastic.

  2. Especially the karahi lamb chops masala. If I’m given a reason to visit Church Street, then this is the spot that makes me come back again. Truly a good one.