Friday, 2 September 2011

Ready for the weekend

This weekend, Billy and myself are going to the Liverpool Food & Drinks Festival. This will be my first festival of this kind, so I'm rather excited. We've got to plan what we're going to see but I imagine we'll be spending most our time in the masterclass marquee. Hopefully, the weather will be a nice as it was when we went for a little walk around Ruff Woods (pictured, above).

Anyway, I've made a quick list of things I've like from this week. It includes a book I got to help with my dissertation, which was written just as blogging was taking off, and pancake cake (pictured, below) which I seriously recommend you try this weekend.

We've Got Blog: how weblogs changed our culture - Published in 2002, giving an early insight into blogging.

This pan-fried mackerel recipe.

My boyfriend's blog about our anniversary.

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