Monday, 5 September 2011

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival: Day Two

Delifonseca's marketplace stall

Pulled BBQ pork
The weather, on the second day of the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival, was a marked improvement on Day One. Sunny and hot. And it definitely had an impact on the number of visitors. The atmosphere was much more like a festival.
Yesterday, we had tried plenty of samples that were being handed out by the exhibitors. So, today, we wanted to try some of the meals. We already had our eyes on certain dishes we had spied on Day One. First up, pulled BBQ pork from Delifonseca. The chips that came with this were massive. They were like roasties in chip form. And they were fantastic. Really crispy on the outside with a light, fluffy interior. The pork itself was a little cold for my liking, but the flavours were certainly there.

Aiden Byrne's cookery demonstration
After having our mid-morning snack, we ventured over to the celebrity cookery demonstration area to see Aiden Byrne. The festival guide stated that the demo was rib of beef with Bourguignon garnish, instead he cooked scallops (scheduled for his second demo), which was still interesting. Amidst the talk of cookery, Aiden discussed the "moralistic values" of using hand-dived scallops. He also revealed his forthcoming appearance on next year's Great British Menu

Spicy Chicken Chilli Noodle and Wok It marketplace stall
Second up for food was a noodle box from Wok It. We had the choice of Teriyaki with spring onion, garlic and ginger or spicy chicken chilli. We opted for the latter and they were certainly spicy. Whilst Billy used a fork to eat them with, I opted to try my hand at chop sticks. They're something I had never been too good at, but a couple of Chinese students at university had shown me how to use them. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did.

Paul Askew's cookery demonstration
Having enjoyed the noodles, we headed over to the Masterclass Marquee to see, once again, Aiden Byrne do a talk on meat. However, I had wanted to watch Paul Askew in the Culinary Talent Demonstration Area so we left the masterclass a little early. And a good job it was that we did, too. Visitors had flocked over to see Paul cook a Mediterranean hake dish. He was very interactive with the audience and the smells wafting over the crowd were fresh and very appetizing.

Chicken korma

Before we decided to call it a day, we wanted to try a curry and, amongst the abundance of Indian-cuisine marketplace stalls, we had spotted a British Army stall selling chicken korma. Although it followed the typically mild route of korma's, it was still very tasty. 

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