Sunday, 4 September 2011

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival: Day One

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival

Rain. That's what me and Billy woke up to on the first day of the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival. But, hey, it's a festival, maybe rain was appropriate. Not wanting to risk not finding a car park space, we set off early which resulted in having to wait over an hour to get into the festival area. Luckily, it's held in the 200 acre Sefton Park, so there was plenty to walk around. When we got into the festival area some stalls were still setting up, but soon enough they were all ready and bustling with people.

Sefton Park
Spicy pepperoni pizza from TriBeCa.
So, it's 11am. What's the first thing that comes to mind? If you guessed 'pizza', you'd be right. It must have been all that walking we did before. That's my excuse, anyway. We were debating whether to get a steak burger or pulled pork. But when we saw a chef tossing the freshly made pizza dough, at the TriBeCa stall, it was just too tempting. So we gathered our Spicy Pepperoni and headed for cover from the rain. The best thing was the thin and crispy base. Not like the ones you get from the supermarket, but properly done.

Iberica ham, left; Serrano ham, right.
Besides the market place, there was plenty to do; celebrity cookery demonstrations, a masterclass marquee, a cookery demonstration area and other activities. The first such activity that we went to was a Spanish Ham masterclass with Lunya's Peter Kinsella. It was very informative and Peter was fun to watch and very friendly. He led us through the history and culture surrounding Ibérico and Serrano hams, demonstrated how to carve the hefty sized jamóns. 

Liverpool Community College's Garry Hindley.
The second masterclass we went to was focused on artisan breads, led by Garry Hindley, a tutor at Liverpool Community College. This talk particularly piqued my interest due to my recent fondness of baking bread at home. So far, I've concentrated on baking a regular, white tin loaf, but this has inspired me too try different shapes the next chance I get.

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