Friday, 9 September 2011

Pig's Feet & Tarts

Banoffe Tart we had at The Boathouse Brasserie today.
Scott & Sons - local butchers.

So, pig trotters anyone? I popped into the local butchers shop last week and enquired about them. They've gotten use to me asking for the more unusual cuts of meat - pig cheeks, ox cheeks, sweetbreads. Anyway, they ordered four trotters in and I picked them up today. £1 seems like pretty decent value. I'm intending to treat them like a ham hock - boiled with spices, then flaked into a salad or terrine. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow, as well as going to a car boot sale (weather permitting), visiting Rufford Old Hall, making beef curry, baking bread and butter pudding and seeing Batman Live. (Busier than I thought I was).

Rufford Old Hall

I've also been approved by UK Food Bloggers Association, which makes me immensely happy. 

Anyway, here's a quick list of interesting links I've found over the last few days. Enjoy.

I love curry and I love meatballs - Kofta Curry

Another blogger's  post on Liverpool Food & Drink Festival 2011 - mine are here and here

Perfect pizza - besides the fact that me and my partner are obsessed with pizza (and curry, have I mentioned that?), this is how I'd love to write a blog post. Historical, cultural and personal.

Who needs cookbooks? - I'm addicted to buying cookbooks, my most recent purchase being The Great British Bakeoff: How To Bake.

My cookbook collection is tiny compared to this one.

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