Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cafe Moo Baa Oinc

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now. But, I keep putting it off because I've only ever written one restaurant review before now. 
  So, where to start? You may recall a previous post about mine and Billy's little holiday in Wales where I wanted to try local Welsh foods. This lead us to the Anglesey Farmers' Market and buying some game sausages
  On that same (rainy, cold) day we visited Beaumaris, namely to see the castle and walk through the town. We came across a little food shop. It sold various local products, including meat, dairy and poultry items. Most of which I recognised from the farmers' market.  
  Attached was Cafe Moo Baa Oinc. I had been on the look out for Welsh Rarebit and, upon examining the menu, not only did I find it at a reasonable price, but also that the Head Chef was Aled Williams. (I guess he's most famous for being on the BBC programme The Great British Menu). Straight away I was excited.

The inside of the cafe was very understated. It had a modern feel to it, but I felt the decor was a bit to bland and it was a shame that our table was wobbly. The staff were friendly. 
  For me, choosing what to eat was simple. Welsh Rarebit. (It was only morning and, sadly, couldn't justify a big meal). Billy ordered the soup of the day: white onion and horseradish. Mine came served with a little salad and both with vegetable crisps.

The topping on the Welsh rarebit was cheesy and creamy, with an non-overpowering flavour of ale and Worcestershire sauce. The toast thick and crisp. The salad I wasn't so keen on. I found it to be bitter. Billy loved his soup. It was delicately sweet with the onions and  horseradish hit a subtle background note. All in all, we were both happy.

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