Friday, 29 July 2011

Baking with cake mixture

I can envision some people might query, "Why buy a cake mix when you use to be a pastry chef?" Any number of answers might be acceptable: time, cost, research, experimentation. None would be true. I suppose it's a slug of curiosity mixed well with a pinch of laziness. Please don't be mad. After all, it's only a bit of fun for me and Billy. So, which cake mix did I go for? Organic? Free-range? Luxurious? No. How about cheap? Yes. If I'd wanted a good, socially competent, quality cake, I would have made it myself. As it was, I didn't see the point in spending too much on it. 

The next time (if there is one) I purchase a cake mix, I must remember to read the full recipe beforehand. After reading the "Just add eggs and water" on the front of the packet, I was a bit irked when I got it home and discovered I had to have an electric whisk and two same-size cake tins. I don't have an electric whisk and although I do own two tins, they are both different sizes. Not that this was of any consequence. Simply substitute the electric whisk for elbow grease and use one tin but bake for longer. 

Wanting to add a bit of indulgence to the cake, we decided to top the cake with melted chocolate and sandwich some red, vanilla flavoured buttercream in the middle (I intend to write about food colourings and e numbers at some future point).

Unfortunately, the cake was too thin to risk halving it to create a sandwich cake. So instead we opted to make 'pretty' swirls with the chocolate and buttercream.

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