Monday, 11 July 2011

Gammon and Mixed Bean Stew - Using leftovers

Having to cook on a budget can have its benefits. And being forced to make the best out of leftovers, without them looking and tasting like leftovers, is one of them. This gammon and bean stew was a result of left over roast gammon from Sunday lunch and ham stock that I had made. Also, there are some onions, garlic, chili, cayenne pepper, sage, mixed beans and maple syrup. The addition of maple syrup brings a sweet and subtle caramel taste to the dish that unites the whole stew. 
Whilst it may not look the most impressive meal, I assure you taste and smell is definitely on the money. I had this with crusty bread, but rice or pasta would go equally as well (though bread is useful for wiping up the juices).

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