Saturday, 16 July 2011

Camping in North Wales: Search for Local Welsh Food

I'm currently at the end of day two of our camping holiday in North Wales. So far I've managed to have Welsh Rarebit at Aled Williams' cafe in Beaumaris (I shall cover this in another blog post) and visited a farmers' market in Menai Bridge.

The farmers' market had a variety of local produce including cheeses, chili sauces, veg, meats and baked goods. If I could've afforded it, I would've bought something from each stall.

As it was, I got some wild boar smoked sausages from a producer that was handing us ample amounts of samples. Smoked eel among them. Having never tried eel before it was both tempting and daunting. But both me and Billy had some and it tasted similar to kippers (though Billy thought it was 'disgusting').

I also bought £17 worth of 'pork' pies. Yes. £17. That gave us 10 pies, all with different fillings such as black pudding, mutton, venison and red wine, and game. 

A recent purchase of In Search Of Food by David Mabey (bargain at £1 from a antique shop) gives a brief account of the local foods of Britain. In the Welsh section there were certain foods that caught my eye. Mutton, cawl, salted duck and welsh rarebit, namely. There's still a whole week to discover them hopefully. 

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