Sunday, 24 July 2011

Anglesey Game Sausages

During my camping holiday in Wales I was determined to seek out good, local, Welsh food. Prior to leaving, I scoured the internet for any food events and eventually found the Anglesey farmers' market. I've talked about it in my previous post, so I won't go on about it again. But, I did want to mention, in their own post, these smoked wild boar and venison sausages I bought. 

Both me and Billy were looking forward to having them for breakfast - cold cereal not being the most warming of breakfasts whilst camping. As soon as I started cooking them, the smoked smell become prominent. Sending my imagination straight to visions of a traditional smoke house, packed full of products being smoked. Eel, cheese, chicken, duck and sausage. It certainly took my mind off the cold, damp weather surrounding us. 

Served between two slices of bread, I probably could have made the effort to utilise them with more effect if I had been at home. But at this point I just wanted hot food. The sausages were certainly different to the regular ones bought from the supermarket. They seemed to have the texture of a German cured sausage, which was no bad thing. However, I found the smoked flavour slightly over-powering (I had the taste in my mouth the rest of the morning). 

For more on these game sausages and other smoked products from Derimon Smokery click here

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