Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teriyaki Mackerel Noodles

As a family, we're trying to eat healthily and combined with time limitations, due to everyone's schedules, we came up with a guide to what meal we would have each day of the week. Mondays and Tuesday are both salad days; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday alternate between soup, curry, stir fry and a fish dish; Saturday is a treat day; and Sunday is usually a 'healthy' roast (changing roasties for couscous, etc.) This format can make it an interesting challenge to come up with new ideas every week, instead of re-hashing the same old recipes. 

Every month I read Delicious magazine, that I have become a recent subscriber to, and I've taken a few ideas of theirs and added my own twists, to help me with new recipes. This Teriyaki Mackerel Noodles, for example, was originally done with salmon but works just as well.  

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